Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Date Bars~no bake

These date bars are super simple!  The less ingredients the better in my opinion, and these have only five in them!  I really love how simple they are, yet they are great to grab in a pinch, and for a quick snack.  I truly believe that they got me through my half Marathon and gave me the cabs to get through!  I wish I had one half way through, but I didn't use my hydration belt..wait that's a different blog post. lol.  

My Mom and sister both make date bars, and date balls.  I just love how you can add so many different ingredients and they take on that flavor, espresso, cocoa powder..the list goes on, and on.  I like to use walnuts with mine, but almonds work just fine.  I have also threw pistachios in too! YUM!

I can buy the actual Lara bars for my family and they will plow through them..and that can be pricey! I was lucky in the past and purchased them with coupons and Whole Foods 'buy a case get 10% off deal'..but when that sale was over I wasn't getting the deal that I needed. So let me tell you, the one thing I really am doing right now is pinching pennies and trying to stay in budget. This allows that, and I can still have the taste, and save money. Makes my family happy,and my wallet too!

Simple Date Bars...

1 Cup of dates
1 Cup of walnuts or any other nut
1/2 Cup coconut flakes
1 tsp cinnamon 
1 table spoon of real vanilla

process your nuts until they are fine..don't over do it, or you will make yourself a nut butter!  Add your coconut flakes, and pulse!   I then add my dates, and pulse them until they are mixed in, and fine.  Add your vanilla and cinnamon and you are done! I like to use the pulse setting, that way I have control over the mixing, and not over mix it it!  I think that you have to use your judgement and eyeball it.  You will know when they are a good consistency!  I couldn't believe my 5 year old loves these. Dates..who knew? But they are super nutritious! 

When rolling them out I use parchment paper, and roll them to the desired thickness, later cutting them with a sharp edge, and layering them with waxed paper, or parchment. Hey! I reused muffin liners, it's a perfect fit! I bake my muffins and remove them when they are cooled. I can then reuse the expensive liners twice!

I like to store them for about a week in the fridge, they never last that long though! Make them the size you wish, I go for a medium bar.

Choose different variation, add dried cranberries, cherries, or even apple.  Omit the vanilla extract and use peppermint with a cocoa powder..very holiday minty themed!  

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